Jim Mellon on being a pal of Nigel Farage

Jim Mellon

Jim Mellon

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Island multi-millionaire Jim Mellon has told of his friendship with Nigel Farage.

Mr Mellon invited the Ukip chief to his birthday lunch at a top restaurant in Brussels.

The businessman, who is worth £850 million, also vehemently denies the charge of being Britain’s answer to Warren Buffett.

He said of the comparison to American tycoon Buffett: ‘I’m younger than him and I only have a fraction of his wealth.’

In a wide-ranging interview with the Mail on Sunday Mr Mellon, 57, describes Mr Farage as a ‘friend’ rather than pinning his political colours to the Ukip mast.

It emerged recently that Mr Mellon had introduced Mr Farage to a millionaire leading donor.

Mellon, who is understood to employ hundreds of Isle of Man residents through a number of businesses including the Claremont Hotel and Conister Bank, is at one with Farage in his dislike of Brussels bureaucrats.

He told the Mail on Sunday: ‘I have a house in Brussels and I can see the Brussels bureaucracy up close and on exit from the European Union, I am totally with him. I don’t believe it would be a disaster if we left the EU, because they sell a lot more to us than we sell to them.’

But the article says Mellon is reluctant to be drawn into British politics. He says: I am based in the Isle of Man and my businesses are based there, so I can’t vote in the UK and I wouldn’t want to.’

Mr Mellon has recently written a book called Fast Forward with co-author Al Chalabi, examining the state of industry, technology and demographics around the world.

He made his wealth from investments and in recent times has taken a keen interest in biotechnology companies.

Mr Farage was in the island earlier this month to speak to a sell-out audience at the Gaiety Theatre.

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