Manx unemployment up by 16



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The number of people out of work in the Isle of Man has risen again.

Statistics released today by the government show that at the end of July the number of registered unemployed stood at 934, an unemployment rate of 2.1 per cent.

During the month 254 people signed on and 238 signed off the unemployment register, a rise of 16 in the total.

Of this total, 622 are male and 312 are female.

While 674 vacancies were notified to the Job Centre during the month, at the end of the month 299 positions were still vacant and held on file.

In July last year there were 1,055 registered unemployed.

The lowest July figure in recent years was 178 in 2001. It peaked at 1,943 in July 1985 and 1,740 in July 1993.

The unemployment rate in the United Kingdom is 6.5 per cent.

More on this story in tomorrow’s Manx Independent.

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