Mum starts her own business to keep things ‘in order’

Maria Bridson

Maria Bridson

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Mother of three Maria Bridson admits her ability at being a ‘born organiser’ helped inspire her new business.

Maria, 42, has launched an organising service for island residents helping put their affairs in order and giving them peace of mind.

She is a non-practising Manx advocate and calls the business All In Order.

She decided to take the plunge and establish her own business after taking time off work to raise her family, Philip, 10, Sarah, seven and five-year-old Zoe.

As well as being a born organiser Maria said she recognised there was an opening to use her legal background as part of an administration service.

She told Business News: ‘My grandmother was due to go into hospital and she must have rung me up and called me round half a dozen times, each time trying to explain to me where her pension book was, where her parking permit was and all these things were bugging her and playing on her mind.

‘She was more worried about whether her affairs were in order than the operation itself.

‘It just set me thinking really. If you can help someone organise things so they knew all their affairs were in order.’

Happily her gran who is in her 80s had her operation and is now home and is fine. She also has her own All In Order folder prepared by Maria.

The business helps people collate all their personal information into one comprehensive folder so that in the event of an emergency or their death all their details are easily accessible and documented.

Maria told Business News: ‘Some people are super organisers and have an orderly filing system but many others have idiosyncratic ways of dealing with paperwork.’

Maria stresses that she does not offer a wills or probate service and does not give financial or legal advice or sell funeral plans. But she can recommend professionals i n these fields if necessary.

For more information contact Maria Bridson on 07624 477709 or

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