New book inspired by series of articles in Business News

Bransom Bean and Andrew Dixon

Bransom Bean and Andrew Dixon

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A special team of staff known as Business Sense have released a book based on a series they ran in the Examiner’s Business News.

The book is called 40 Steps to Business Success and contains no-nonsense information on a spectrum of business ideas that should be considered when setting up and running a business.

Bransom Bean, Business Sense project manager at Moore Stephens based in Athol Street, Douglas, confirmed that the book was inspired by the team’s series of articles in Business News.

The articles ran over 40 weeks in Business News last year.

The articles were judged to be a great success by readers who enjoyed picking up tips and ideas.

Mr Bean said the Business Sense team had edited the original articles for the new book which is free.

latest tool

Business Sense has also released their latest tool to help small and local businesses – The Business Sense Business Assessment Form.

The company says using the comprehensive online form provides business owners with a deeper understanding of their business and its current state, with a free no obligation assessment of key business parameters. When completed, the Business Sense team provides a detailed analysis on the answers provided.

Moore Stephens partner Andrew Dixon said: ‘Starting up a new business is a mammoth challenge – not for the unfocused. Our Business Sense team aims to provide tools and services for new businesses and even businesses in distress, to help them succeed.’

Bransom Bean said: ‘Our aim is to provide owners and managers of new and local businesses with a springboard for their business; anyone who has set up and managed a new business knows the challenges and sometimes even pain that has to be endured before any rewards are realised.’

‘We just want to help them get those rewards quicker.’

To download the new assessment form or request your 40 Steps to Business Success book, visit the Business Sense website at or call the marketing team on 662020 for more information.

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