New Manx bread on shop shelves

John Speakman, of Shoprite, with Noa Bakehouse founder Miles Pettit

John Speakman, of Shoprite, with Noa Bakehouse founder Miles Pettit

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A leading Manx supermarket and independent bakery are joining forces to give us our daily bread.

Shoprite has reached an agreement with Noa Bakehouse to retail its range of fresh bread in the Manx food retailer’s main Little Switzerland store.

Loaves have been available since the beginning of December and are selling well.

Noa Bakehouse hand craft and bake fresh bread daily and deliver it to the Shoprite store every morning shortly before 10am.

The loaves are sold the same day from a Noa Bakehouse-branded area within Shoprite’s bread section.

Shoprite will sell the four popular Noa Bakehouse sourdough variants;

l A seeded rye loaf that has seeds rolled into the dough, made with a mixture of rye, white and wholemeal flour

l A white sourdough hand-rolled baguette

l The hand shaped ‘Laxey White’ that is made using exclusively Manx Laxey Mill flour

l A ‘Manx Wild’ loaf, the bakehouse signature loaf made with a mix of stone ground wholemeal and Laxey king flour.

Noa Bakehouse founder Miles Pettit said: ‘If you visit the bakehouse you will see that we have gone back to basics, making bread patiently over three days in a traditional way using a sourdough leaven that harnesses the raising power of wild yeasts.

‘We don’t use a battery of additives or preservatives.’

He added: ‘Shoprite are a great partner for us as they are passionate about food, understand what we are trying to do and are a great supporter of local producers. They have been very supportive in helping us to list in their store.”

John Speakman, senior buyer at Shoprite, said: ‘Noa Bakehouse is an outstanding example of a local producer who has developed a premium quality offering and one that we are keen to support and help to develop their business.’

‘Local producers provide a significant boost to the local economy over imported goods and are also helping to increase the island’s sustainability and independence.”

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