Number out of work rises for the first time since January

Number out of work has risen

Number out of work has risen

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The number of people out of work in the Isle of Man has risen.

At the end of June, the number registered unemployed stood at 918, a rise of 28 on the month before.

It’s the first rise in unemployment since January, when 1,182 people were looking for work.

However, this is still 138 fewer than the figure for June last year.

During the month 177 people signed on and 149 signed off.

A total of 508 vacancies were notified to the Job Centre during the month and at the end of the month 266 positions were still vacant and held on file.

Once again, the statistics reveal that the island has a skills gap problem.

While 40 healthcare vacancies were notified to the Job Centre, only 12 people with health qualifications were looking for jobs.

Similarly, there were 17 vacancies in nursing but only six jobs advertised.

In contrast, there were 21 vacancies in the ‘other admin/clerical’ category but 61 people from that background out of work.

The number of people who have retail, sales or wholesale experience out of work was 91, while 63 jobs were advertised.

It’s also not a good time to be an unemployed information technology worker. There are 12 registered out of work, while no vacancies were recorded at all during the month.

It was a similar story for plasterers. There were 10 looking for work and not one job advertised.

In contrast, there were 173 vacancies for hotel, catering or bar work, while 98 people who’d worked in that area in the past were looking for work.

The figures include 250 people who have never had a job.

The unemployment statistic includes 12 people who need a work permit, 39 people who are under 18 and 44 people who are signing for credits only.

Not included are 21 people under 18 whoare not claiming any benefit.

Unemployment peaked during the most recent downturn in March 2013, when 1,208 were registered out of work.

The lowest June figure for unemployment this century was in 2001, when 157 people were registered as out of work.

The number out of work in June 1994 was 1,540. Ten years earlier than that it was 1,737.

The Isle of Man’s current unemployment rate is 2.1 per cent.

In the UK it’s 6.6 per cent and across the Eurozone (all the countries that use the Euro as their currency) it’s an average of 11.6 per cent.

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