Ellan Vannin hotel is sold

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THE Ellan Vannin Hotel in Douglas has sold for nearly £700,000.

Ellan Vannin Hotels Ltd, 31, Loch Promenade, Douglas, sold the hotel for £699,999 to Ronald Paul Cain and his wife, of 16 Birch Hill Crescent, Onchan.

Other transactions recorded at the registry:

Anna Emily Jones sold Hanley Court, Bowring/North Shore roads, Ramsey, for £500,000 to Darna Ltd, 16 Lezayre Park, Ramsey.

Belinda Ayres sold 3 Belmont Terrace, Jurby Road, Ramsey, for £260,000 to Moirrey Emma Shimmin and Beth Clark, of 15 Lezayre Park, Ramsey.

The trustees of the estate of Walter Fielding sold 55 Holly Grove, Ballasalla, to Alan David Shimmin and Ashleigh Elizabeth Shimmin, of Police House, Main Road, Ballasalla.

Kathleen Mary Haspell sold Close-y-Kee, St Jude’s, Andreas, for £235,000 to Terence Anthony Hill and Elaine Elizabeth Hill, of 28 Malew Street, Castletown.

Mark Patrick Skehan and Kay Elizabeth Skehan sold 56a Friary Park, Ballabeg, for £209,000 to Cara Ravenshear and Andrew Michael De Banks, of 2 King William’s Terrace, Castletown.

Christine Elaine Young sold 30 Rosehill Mews, Douglas, for £190,000 to Michael O’Sullivan of 30 Rosehill Mews.

William John Biggane and Tracy Ann Biggane sold 24 Cronk Reayrt, Peel, for £180,000 to Kristian Paul Heath and Simone Alice Heath, of 3 Ash Close, Peel.

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