Isle of Man property sales, December 4, 2014

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Suzie Man Wai Yau, of 75 King Edward Road, Onchan, bought 19 Turnberry Avenue, Onchan, for £395,000.

It was bought from Christine Shaw.

Other recent transactions lodged at the General Registry in Douglas are as follows:

Miriam Kitty Evans sold 46 Howe Road, Onchan, for £338,000, to Barry Jones Blythe and Margaret Rose Blythe, of 41 Ashberry Avenue, Saddlestone, Braddan.

Valerie Sampson by trustees, Paul Stephen Kinnin, of Auckland Chambers, Auckland Terrace, Ramsey, as trustee, and Andrew Charles Derby Lord, of Derby, as trustee, sold 39 Lezayre Park, Ramsey, for £245,000, to Pamela Jill Fee, of 13 Ivydene Avenue, Birch Hill, Onchan.

Jamie Robert Devereau and Colleen Theresa Devereau sold 28 Berrywoods Grove, Governor’s Hill, Douglas, for £205,000, to Jane Hill and Andrew David Hill, of 53 Port-e-chee Avenue, Douglas.

Fistard Property Investments Limited, whose registered office is situated at 1 Church Street, Douglas, sold 31 Parliament Street, Ramsey, for £150,000, to Fred Meadowcroft and Simone Meadowcroft, of 3 Croft Park, Andreas.

John Eccles sold 14 Osborne Grove, Douglas, for £147,500, to Carmel Mary Browne.

Katrina Maria Hands sold 120 Ballaquark, Douglas, for £147,000, to David Andrew Joyce, of Clagh Vane, Ballasalla.

Elizabeth Green, by administratrix, and Felicity Kathryn Naomi Green, of Redcar, as administratrix, sold San Remo, 1a Coburg Road, Ramsey, for £130,000, to David Ian Sedgwick and Angelia Woerle, of Germany.

Elizabeth Cynthia Boultbee, of Croit-e-Caley House, Croit-e-Caley Road, Colby, sold Stuggadhoo Cottage, Stuggadhoo Crossroads, Marown, for £110,000, to Darren Richard Burgess and Lydia Charlotte Burgess, of 2 The Cottage, Greyney Mooar, Ballagawne Road, Colby.

Elizabeth Clucas Charitable Trust, by trustees, George Ramsey Martin Moore, as trustee, Mark Stephen Humphrey as trustee, Rebecca Charlotte Kelly, as trustee, and Ballakilley Homes Limited, whose registered office is situated at Dandara Group Head Office, Isle of Man Business Park, Cooil Road, Braddan, sold two parcels of land, part of the Ballakilley Estate, for £5,000, to Rushen Parish Commissioners, whose registered office is situated at Newlands, Ballagawne Road, Colby.


We publish details of all sales unless we receive a written request from the police or probation service.

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