Isle of Man property sales, September 12, 2013

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The latest property sales recorded at the General Registry.

Jon Cutts and Sarah Louise Cutts, of Doncaster, bought Ballamoor, Earystane, Arbory,for £1,800,000.

It was bought from Mark Steven Broadie Blake and his wife Gillian Carol Blake.

Other recent property transactions recorded at The General Registry in Douglas are as follow:

David Mitchell and Sheila Mitchell, of 20 Quay West apartments, Bridge Road, Douglas, sold Lynton, 18 Devonshire Road, Douglas for £407,500 to Robert Novello Davies and Amanda Katrina Davies, of 2 Park Avenue, Douglas.

Alan Douglas Cain and Rhona Mary Cain, sold 9 Orchard View, Saddlestone Park, Douglas, for £340,000 to Shaun Wainright and Helen Jane Wainwright, of 19 Robert Cubbon Close, Douglas.

Paul Collins, of 36 King Edward Road, Onchan, sold 24 Falkland Drive, Onchan, for £290,000 to Paul Anthony Hinstridge and Francesca Kelly Hinstridge, of 11 Victoria Avenue, Onchan.

Joan Clague sold Longdale, 5 Ballaughton Close, Douglas, for £280,000, to John Prentice and his wife Wilma, of 11 Richmond Grove, Ramsey.

Financial Properties Limited, whose registered office is at 2nd floor, Belgravia House, 34-44 Circular Road, Douglas, sold 28 Hope Street, Douglas, for £274,000 to Planet Software Limited, whose registered office is at 34 Athol Street, Douglas.

Thomas Alan Clague and Muriel Alma Clague, sold Cronkbourne, The Level, Colby, for £272,000 to Timothy James Woakes and Katarzyna Maria Woakes, of 10 Richmond Court, Manor Lane, Douglas.

John Henry O’Neil and Kathryn Mary O’Neil, sold 9 Campion Way, Abbeyfields, Douglas, for £270,000 to Sean James Weir and his wife Kerry Anne, of 31 Hailwood Avenue, Governor’s Hill, Douglas.

Edward Paul Newis and Dawn Louise Newis, sold Kerlin Villa, Ballavitchel, Marown, for £250,000 to Douglas Grant Ross and his wife Carla, of 2 Vicarage Road, Douglas.

Caroline Louise Kelly as receiver of 12 Cronk Elfin, Ramsey, and Roy Lawton Corkhill by receiver, sold 49 Waterloo Road, Ramsey, for £130,000 to Keith Terrance Roy Lenon and his wife Rita Lenon, of Lincoln.

Ada Norton Lister, sold 4a Stanley Road, Douglas, for £110,000 to David Frank Corris, of 4 Fairfield, Douglas.

Healeycroft Limited whose registered office is at Ravenscroft House, Station Road, Port Erin, sold land adjacent to Cherry Orchard and Close Famman, Port Erin, for £105,000 to Edward Patrick Joseph Mulgrew and Elizabeth Martha Mulgrew, of 3 Erin Crescent, Port Erin.

Randles Property Company Limited, registered office at 1 Falcon Street, Douglas, sold a garage/workshop at the rear of Falcon Street, Douglas, for £38,000 to David Philip Randle and Alison Margaret Randle, of 12 Hilltop Rise, Farmhill, Douglas.

Andrew Charles Webster, of Harrogate, Yorkshire, sold land at Ballamodha Beg, Ballasalla, for £25,000 to Alan Stuart Greenhalgh and Angela Jefryna Greenhalgh, of Cly Cur, Ballamodha, Ballasalla.

Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture sold land part of former common lands, Ballacubbon, Foxdale, for £5,000 to James and Denise Cubbon, of Kennaa, St John’s.


We publish details of all house sales unless we receive a written request from the police or probation service.

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