Prospero gets bigger after acquisition

MOVING FORWARD: Denis Egan, group commercial director, Prospero, Michael Rafferty, managing director, GenClean, Christopher Murphy, joint managing director, M&P Legal, James Pettigrew (group managing director, Prospero

MOVING FORWARD: Denis Egan, group commercial director, Prospero, Michael Rafferty, managing director, GenClean, Christopher Murphy, joint managing director, M&P Legal, James Pettigrew (group managing director, Prospero

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FACILITIES management and maintenance company Prospero has acquired GenClean, a soft services company, for an undisclosed amount.

GenClean will be integrated into Prospero’s offices in Tower House, Douglas and the team will report to Ms Leigh Cruger, Prospero’s soft services delivery manager.

At present around 40 people are employed and this is expected to grow to 60 in the near future.

Prospero commenced trading in the Isle of Man in 2004 and quickly established itself as a premier provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), electrical and building services to more than 100 clients in the Isle of Man.

‘The acquisition of GenClean underscores our commitment to deliver services in a manner that businesses need in this challenging economy,’ said James Pettigrew, group managing Director of Prospero.

‘GenClean adds best-in-class cleaning and front of house services to Prospero’s growing portfolio of complementary facilities management services’.

Organisations and their facilities management (FM) teams are challenged every day to provide services at the highest levels and at the lowest cost to their ‘internal customer’.

Using an integrated facilities management model, with both hard services (building equipment maintenance and repair etc) and soft services (cleaning, security, front of house, waste management, etc) being delivered by one organisation such as Prospero can lead to significant benefits and greatly assist in achieving this goal. Some of the obvious benefits are cost savings arising from the removal of multiple vendors charging management overhead and profit margins on each of the services required by the client.

Through the implementation of an Integrated FM model, with all services provided by one vendor, clients can have the services provided at a competitive price and reduce the overall cost of operations.

Another benefit of this model is that the client’s FM team can establish a partnership approach and fully utilise the expertise of the in-house and service provider’s staff to best support its organisation structure, improve customer satisfaction and serve as a business enabler to enhance customer wellbeing and productivity.

Projects which may previously have been shelved because of budget availability may suddenly be possible as a result of cost savings being presented in the day-to-day expenditure, which would be a major achievement.

Mr Pettigrew added: ‘We are passionate about being the go-to company for advice and expertise in assisting our clients and prospective clients achieve cost savings whilst still retaining the same or better level of quality services.

‘Our Integrated FM model coupled with our energy management services will offer that and we are extremely pleased at the market reaction to our acquisition and enhanced service provision.

‘Through employing our services, our client’s own FMs are recognised for making the decision to go down this avenue, resulting in them being able to report cost savings coupled with high levels of customer satisfaction across all the services and also freeing them up to concentrate on other strategic initiatives and projects such as corporate social responsibility (CSR) . For clients that don’t have their own dedicated FM staff, it is an even more attractive solution. It just ticks all the boxes.’

As further recognition of their added services provision capability, Prospero has also decided to rebrand the trading company’s name from ‘Prospero Building Maintenance Ltd’ to ‘Prospero Facilities Services Limited’.

‘This sits better with what we can do for clients as an organisation now. We aren’t just a technical engineering firm, we can address the full capability of a client’s facilities services requirements, so our name should reflect that.’ said Mr Pettigrew.

Certainly, the integrated services model seems to be going down well in the marketplace and Prospero are a company on the up, recently advertising positions for additional cleaners, security personnel and a facilities manager to support recent contract awards.

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