Residents join fight against Peel development

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Angry Peel residents attended the latest commissioners’ meeting to support an appeal against a developer’s latest plans for the town.

Sixteen people attended the meeting and a Facebook group entitled ‘Appeal against Heritage Homes’ planning app for 144 dwellings in Peel’ has been set up, with more than 300 joining.

Heritage Homes’ planning application for the 144 new houses, on land next to Reayrt ny Cronk on the Poortown Road, has received approval from the planning committee.

At a previous meeting the commissioners voted seven to one to appeal against the decision after expressing concerns over the ability of Peel’s infrastructure to cope.

Residents are also concerned over whether there is enough open space around the area to be built on and the fact that the Queen Elizabeth II High School playing fields and the golf course have been classed as open space land.

Developers must show that there is adequate open space land, in addition to the land that they plan to build on, when they submit a planning application.

The total number of houses in the area, with the new development, have an estimated occupancy of 1,183.

For this level of occupancy the open space requirement is 5.3 acres.

The external sports facilities at QEII High School extend to 12.7 acres so this has meant that the developer has easily met the open space requirement.

In the Isle of Man Strategic Plan school playing fields and golf courses can be classed as open space.

Another issue has been amenity space and children’s space to be provided on the site. The requirement for a development of this size is 5,670 square metres, however the application provides 5,715 square metres.

About 1,000 new dwellings have been built in Peel since the year 2000.




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