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Island-based chartered accountancy firm Harding Lewis is to host free a business owners’ seminar on Thursday.

The event, in partnership with the Academy for Growth, will take place from 4pm to 6pm at The Claremont Hotel, Douglas.

Marketing expert Steve Hackney will be presenting at the event on the topic of ‘How to multiply sales and profit from existing customers for less than the price of a McDonald’s Happy Meal’.

Visitors also have the opportunity on the evening to buy copies of Why Businesses Stop Growing and What You Can Do About It, which was co-authored by Mr Hackney and Harding Lewis’ managing director, Andrew Gerrard.

Proceeds from the first 30 sales on the night will be donated to The Salvation Army.

A press statement from Harding Lewis reads: ‘The seminar comes as part of Harding Lewis’ commitment to maintaining dialogue and co-operation between and within the local community of small and medium sized businesses which have, to a large extend, recently been credited with helping the island sustain a diverse economic base and a strong pattern of economic growth for the past 28 years.

‘Harding Lewis also complements its bi-annual free seminars with a series of monthly “round-table” discussions, which aim to provide an open and honest forum for discussion between local business owners and managers on topics as diverse as marketing strategy, rogue trading, buying local, outsourcing and social media. After sharing their own favoured strategies, attendees are also encouraged to discuss issues of wider import, such as the challenges and opportunities presented by the current economic climate both locally and internationally.’

The evening’s seminar comes as part of a series of similar initiatives undertaken by Harding Lewis, the most recent of which took place in April 2012 and saw Steve Hackney present on the topic of ‘How to convert 90 per cent of inquiries into customers’ at the seminar entitled ‘Simple and Easy to Apply Stress Free Business Growth Strategies to Help you Break Through the Recession’.

Managing director Andrew Gerrard said: ‘This is a remarkable opportunity for business owners and managers at all levels to discuss and debate a range of business principles and to apply them within a present day context. By hosting seminars such as these and by complementing them with regular, open discussions, we aim to ensure consistent and informed contact between our clients and the local business community as a whole, thereby benefitting the individual and IOM PLC.’

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