There is hope after the shock of redundancy

Lucy O'Toole

Lucy O'Toole

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THE support of Lucy O’Toole, Anne Murray and managing director Sally Burman has been proven to help businesses to offer professional and independent support to those affected by redundancy.

It’s a common term in today’s difficult economic climate.

Lucy, of Douglas firm Search and Select, said: ‘Being made redundant is something we all hope will never happen.

‘Likewise, businesses making downsizing decisions, do so regrettably and look for assistance with supporting those they have to outplace/make redundant.

Search and Select have helped a number of local businesses this way over the years; offering one to one coaching and counselling for those experiencing redundancy.

Lucy added: ‘It is undoubtedly a difficult time installing a cocktail of unpleasant feelings; failure, fear, rejection, loss, humiliation and even injustice.

‘It is a time for change - what was a big part of your life, has been taken away.

‘It can be worrying if you’re not sure what to do next or have financial concerns.’

Businesses engaging the services of a professionally and expertly managed Outplacement programme, such as Search and Select’s, can take comfort in ‘doing the right thing’. Those troubled with redundancy need extra support, advice, market information and time to refresh employment tools such as perfecting a CV and interview techniques.

She added that the message going out to people facing redundancy is: ‘Remember It’s the job, not the employee that’s made redundant. Many people who lose a job go on to find bigger and better things.’

A positive outlook is essential. Those prepped to feel confident, with an understanding of the market place will handle the process positively and go about their job search or retraining, as the case might be, in the right way.

Victoria Logan, of Saddlestone, Douglas, spoke about her initial feelings when redundancy recently struck her banking role:

‘When first faced with redundancy it was quite shocking as it came about without any indication.

‘Once I realised that it wasn’t my fault and that there was nothing I could do about it, I was able to gain acceptance.

‘I started looking at the situation as an ‘‘open door’’ to bring about new experiences and opportunities.’

Victoria, fortunate enough to have been offered outplacement support by her employer, added: ‘Lucy at Search and Select has been a wonderful support during this time.

‘From assisting with CV writing, interview preparation, career evaluation and guidance, she really listened and took on board my concerns and needs with re-entering the job market.’

The benefits of programmes offering one to one support, tailored to an individual’s personal circumstances, emotional response to redundancy, skills and aspirations are endless.

Victoria, a busy mum, gives thanks to her previous employer for engaging the services of Search and Select,

‘Losing one’s job is one of the most stressful experiences a person can face, it was very favourable to have this service offered,’ she explained.

‘I found it a real benefit to have a support network within Search and Select, who took the time to get to know me and were there to speak to whenever I required some assistance or encouragement.’

Since experiencing redundancy in early October, and with the help of Search and Select, based in Upper Church Street, Douglas, Victoria is currently enjoying temporary admin work, working with the mentally unwell ; an area of social care Victoria has longed to experience; to accompany her recently completed studies in psychology and coaching.

The job market isn’t at its best, but Victoria, like many, strives for success and with temporary work such as this available; the future looks promising; even making a career change possible.

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