Unemployment falls in the Isle of Man

The number seeking work has fallen

The number seeking work has fallen

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The number of people out of work in the Isle of Man has fallen.

According to government statistics released today, there were 986 registered unemployed at the end of April.

That’s a drop of 75 compared with the month before. At the end of April 2013 there were 1,108 registered unemployed.

The figure includes people over 18 who are unemployed and not claiming benefits.

During the month, there were 703 vacancies notified to the Job Centre.

A closer look at the statistics reveals that there are skills shortages in certain areas, notably education, nursing and skilled engineering, where there are more jobs advertised than people with those qualifications seeking work.

In contrast, people who have worked in an administrative role are finding it harder to find a new job because there are a lot more people with their skills seeking jobs than there are vacancies.

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