Unemployment goes up by 53

More people are out of work in the island

More people are out of work in the island

The number of people out of work in the island has risen by 53 in the last month.

Statistics released today by the Treasury’s economic affairs division show that the number of registered unemployed in November stood at 1,117.

Twelve months ago there were 103 fewer people registered unemployed.

The news comes after job losses were announced over the last month at Flybe, the Mount Murray Hotel, Six Kingdoms and CVI Technical Optic Ltd in Onchan.

Many of those job losses have yet to be recorded in the official statistics.

During the month 198 people signed on and 145 people signed off. Of the total unemployed, 779 are male and 338 are female.

The Manx unemployment rate, 2.5 per cent, still compares favourably with most of the rest of the world.

In the UK it’s 7.6 per cent; USA 7 per cent; Republic of Ireland 12.5 per cent; Germany 6.9 per cent; Spain 27 per cent.

There were 280 positions vacant and held on file at the end of the month.

A detailed look at the unemployment figures shows there are skills shortages in some areas, for example in engineering, education, healthcare and for electricians, while there are far more people with a retailing or bar work background looking for work than jobs available.

More details in Thursday’s Manx Independent.




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