ZEDRA’s moved to new island offices

Alan Patrick

Alan Patrick

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ZEDRA has moved to new offices with a high profile launch planned for Thursday this week.

The company is a leading independent specialist in the field of corporate, trust and fund services.

Niels Nielson. group CEO ZEDRA

Niels Nielson. group CEO ZEDRA

The move to St George’s Court, Douglas, provides the next step in ZEDRA’s journey which began when it was launched just under a year ago.

ZEDRA says Thursday’s launch is expected to include visits by the chief minister Howard Quayle as well as other ministers and senior government department oficials and figures from the island’s business and professional communities.

ZEDRA also formed a partnership with the Isle of Man Post Office and London based agency Glazier Design to create a unique ZEDRA stamp and post mark for the invitation to the event which was then distributed by the Isle of Man Post Office to all ZEDRA’s invited guests.

Managing director Alan Patrick said: ‘The move is a natural progression for ZEDRA’s commitment to position itself as a major player in the trust, corporate and fund service industry.

‘In the Isle of Man we are continually investing in, and developing, the products and services we provide.

‘The relocation and departure away from the Barclays offices has been seen as a positive move by our clients and for our staff represents the final stage of our physical separation from Barclays after a long and successful history as part of the Barclays group.’

ZEDRA says it has been pleased to work with a variety Isle of Man based businesses in its relocation and move to St. George’s Court, many of whose representatives have been invited by Alan Patrick and Niels Nielsen, ZEDRA CEO, to the launch event.

‘This will be an opportunity for us to thank the many local businesses who have helped our journey to the new offices,’ says Alan. “We are delighted with our new space and client suite on the second floor of St George’s Court, which have been designed and fitted out to a very high standard.’

Locally, the ZEDRA Isle of Man office is continuing to grow beyond its current 80 employees as it further develops and expands its key product and service offerings, including new client accounting and bookkeeping teams, and recently a new appointed head of finance.

Alan Patrick said: ‘The move to St. George’s Court allows the ZEDRA Isle of Man the space it needs, as it grows in size, to meet the ever changing market needs of its international client base.

‘The launch is also to celebrate the teams’ success which is underpinned by our approach to deliver the highest level of service and client needs possible.’

Group CEO Niels Nielsen said: ‘Making the move to the new larger premises is an exciting time for ZEDRA, Isle of Man. I am looking forward to growing the team further to fill the new office space located in the centre of Douglas’s thriving business community.’

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