CRINGLE: National fame is overlooked

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TO the elderly couple in Shoprite who asked me for my autograph because they had heard my narration of ‘Grand Prix Racer’ on ITV4 let me say: ‘Thank you. You have made an old man very happy.’

To my colleagues in journalism at the Examiner and Manx Radio Newsroom let me say: ‘Your decision not give me a mention of any kind about it must be an example of professional jealousy of the worst kind.’

The exception to this encomium was that old BBC hand Charlie Lambert who wrote in his TT Blog: ‘It was good to see my old mate Terry Cringle providing the voiceover. That almost makes me forgive the producer (his name is Rob Hurdman; I know when to give people a mention) for using so many shots of Chris Kinley.’

See. I’m also giving Manx Radio’s Chris Kinley recognition. Well, it’s recognition of a sort I suppose.

But my so-called friends and colleagues in the print and radio news of the Isle of Man are not going to see their names dropped with approbation in my column, not now, not ever.

Of course they probably think taking me out for a drink will put things right. It could be. A modicum of vintage Krug perhaps?

The only other people who I must single out for obloquy are members of my family who choose not to live in the Isle of Man. They were notified that Dear Old Dad would be appearing on national television.

But, up to now, not a word of warm congratulation. In the event I’m not going to go on and on about this.

I could, of course. But people who find national fame as I did need to exercise a little humility and grace.

But I’ll get my own back on the lot of you one of these days.

I can’t go on and on about it anyway because I have something else to say which is unconnected to this sorry interlude.

Last week I reported that Phil the cock pheasant had announced a croaky return to the grounds of the bijou residence after being absent since the end of last summer.

This brought in a call from Kevin Baron, living near Injebreck, to say he also has a neighbourly cock pheasant he calls Phil who has just returned after a long absence. A coincidence of cocks as you might say.

I don’t think they are one and the same, of course. No cock pheasant could navigate between Injebreck and Douglas without being run over or shot down.

• TWO people, Jenny Williamson and Noel Howarth, have drawn attention to an Examiner placard outside newsagents saying; ‘All dog owners warned about barking.’

Jenny says: ‘Why have a dog and bark yourself?’

Noel asks: ‘Are they going to be muzzled?’

All I can say is that they’re going to be pretty mad about it.

• MARY Brownsdon sends me a list of collective nouns for people working in the media. The first to appear is: A conference of editors.’

• REDVERS Skillicorn, of Withywood, Bristol, sends in the following Manx crossword clue from the Western Mail: Motorcycle contest (7,6) – Tourist Trophy.

• I HAD a message left on my answering machine at home from a man called Tony Gregson in Coventry, asking me to call back. I have called the number he gave several times but I have always been told it is not available. If he would like to try me on my day number 01624 623378 I can take things further.

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