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Terry Cringle

Terry Cringle

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I was in my seat on an easyJet flight about to depart from Ronaldsway to Gatwick when the Lieutenant Governor, Mr Adam Wood, got on.

He gave me a friendly nod and sat down a couple of rows away. There was no official reception for him. He, or HE shall we say, was obviously travelling on some kind of private business which was none of mine.

The point I am making is that he was getting on the aircraft after me, as were the other passengers.

I had got on first in deference to my ‘Special Asssistance’ status.

It wasn’t like that the last time I flew to London with a governor.

It was about 50 years ago when Sir Ronald Garvey was in office and we were the only two passengers. Sir Ronald was escorted aboard and after an interval I was allowed on.

I found that Sir Ronald was sitting at the front of the aircraft and I was sitting as far away as possible at the back.

Clearly they didn’t want me going along to him to have a friendly chat, or even to assassinate him. But why? Sir Ronald was a famously approachable man, and so am I.

He could have come back for a chat with me.

No doubt my worldwide readership is now clamouring to know what Mr Wood was up to. I can reveal exclusively that he was going to play golf, to lead a team of Isle of Man businessmen to play a team consisting of the Chinese Ambassador in London and some Chinese businessmen.

All I know about this is that the Isle of Man won 6-3.


Last week Athol Street in Douglas was closed for re-surfacing.

This reminded me of when Athol Street was made one way with traffic exiting at the junction with Peel Road.

Not long afterwards I was driving up Prospect Hill and at that end of Athol Street there was a car waiting to join the flow of traffic.

In the driver’s seat was the late great advocate and First Deemster Arthur Luft.

For him, clearly, Athol street had always been two-way and always would be.

I wonder what he would have made of last week’s road works.


Andrew Kerr-Phillips, of Hildesley Road, Douglas, emailed me about a story in the Examiner which said firefighters were called to a road accident ‘after a Mini One left the road after hitting a hedge . . .’ He asks: ‘Was the hedge stationary in the middle of the road or coming fast in the opposite direction?’

Perhaps the driver of the hedge was a little green.


Something called ‘Business Advisor Sole Trader’ emailed to tell me: ‘Five things you must do when you become self-employed.’

If they knew their business they would know I’m already self-employed.


In the Daily Mail, known to some as the Daily Fail, there was a list of little known facts including: ‘Bruce Forsyth is four months older than sliced bread.’

And his jokes?


This week’s Manx crossword clue, sent in by Richard Hetherington and Valerie Vaughan, was in the Daily Telegraph cryptic, as follows: ‘Quietly fish in Isle of Man port (4) –PEEL.’


Les Kneale says: ‘The kids have their own little SMS codes like BFF, WTF and LOL.’ Now he has made a list of those to be used by seniors and the first one is: ‘ATD – At the doctor’s.’

There are more to come.


The latest news on the Walk and Talk front is that I have overtaken somebody on the athletics track at the NSC for the first time.

And not just one person. Three: a man and two ladies.

I have to say that they were all elderly and obliged to walk with the aid of two sticks.

Also, I passed one of the ladies when she stopped for a little rest.

But they all count.


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