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Editors’ blog: In our national week, we have a three-legs flag flying under our masthead.

It’s promoting an ‘open letter’ inside from Professor Hugh Davidson.

Hugh is a marketing expert who has strong views about the way the island should portray itself in Westminster and further afield.

He says the UK is a bully and it’s time to stand up to it.

How appropriate for Tynwald week.

The lead story is connected.

We’ve heard rumblings for some time that the UK is going to try to snatch more money from us. It wants to divvy up the VAT that’s collected jointly again. Unfortunately, it looks like it thinks it deserves even more.

The chief minister, Tony Brown, confirmed the fact in his interview in the Examiner in May.

So we wait.

It should be a story that catches the public’s imagination.

The story about the bus drivers in last week’s Manx Independent – later also online – certainly got a lot of comments.

A career on the Manx buses is certainly a lot more lucrative than a career in journalism.

It’s a lot more lucrative than most jobs in the island, something about which many of our readers commented.

But the dispute wasn’t over pay, as we reported.

Indeed, the week before we had a story saying exactly that as union leader Steve Salter spelt out his members’ argument.

Another story from last week that prompted a lot of comment was the question of who’d be the next President of Tynwald. exclusively revealed on Tuesday last week that Tony Brown had told CoMin that he was throwing his hat into the ring.

In retrospect, I wonder if the real story was that Mr Brown wanted to stop being chief minister. After all, he couldn’t do both jobs. And, by telling his colleagues he wanted to move on, he effectively called time on his own career in that position no matter what happens in the future.

Steve Rodan also wants the job as president.

I thought he stood a good chance to be the next chief minister, depending on how the ministerial votes go.

After all, as he has been the Speaker for the last few years and therefore aloof from the Brown government, he could present himself as something different from the Brown years.

And it’s not without precedent. Tony Brown was Speaker before he became chief minister.

Anyway, all this will unfold in the coming months.

As I was writing this blog, I was told that the first editions of the Examiner had the wrong date on them. It said June 5.

On our Tynwald Day special!


My fault.

Just think of any ‘June 5’ editions as collectors’ items.

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