Irish Ferries miss Isle of Man off map

Terry Cringle

Terry Cringle

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THERE are commercials on television for a company called Irish Ferries. These are accompanied by a map of the British Isles.

There is no sign of the Isle of Man on this.

Irish Ferries are based in Dublin and they were founded in 1992. The mind Googles and we are told that they carry passengers and freight between Ireland, the United Kingdom and Continental Europe.

It is almost certain that to do this they must cross the Irish Sea.

You would think that, after a quarter of a century, they would have noticed the Isle of Man getting in their way, especially at night when we put the lights on.

Mind you, if their ferry captains had espied the Isle of Man at any time they would have taken good care not to hit it.

But if the company’s map is anything to go by Irish Ferries’ management themselves do not know that the Isle of Man is in the middle of the Irish Sea.

This must be a worry for their potential passengers and freight companies thinking about booking.

The map, l think, is what I can only call Miss Isle of Man, examples of which there used to be many in illustrations of the British Isles worldwide at one time.

It might also be best for their customers to Miss Irish Ferries.

I HAVE a deep and abiding interest in English usage and as a result I have been wondering, if a man chases women he is known as a womaniser, what is a woman who chases men known as?

I have been conducting research into this matter with some of my fellow denizens of Broadcasting House, especially the women, and the first answer I got was ‘maneater’ which is pretty good.

Then I got ‘cougar’ and, for those of a classical turn of mind, ‘succubus’.

The latter is a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men, which is enough to give you sleepless nights. There is also, believe it or not, ‘maniser’ according to the urban

If any readers have alternatives to offer please let me know.

THIS week’s crossword clue has come in from Sylvia Lawrinson. It was in the Times quick cryptic as follows: ‘Man, for example, first to vacate gangway (4)’

UKIP has issued an election leaflet saying: ‘UKIP wants top management fat cats on huge salaries to be cut in half.’

Does this mean giving them the chop?

BUSHY’S Brewery, presided over by the ever-resourceful Martin Brunnschweller, has joined in the battle to keep the Douglas horse trams running with a ‘Tram Tastic’ theme in its TT merchandising.

Licensed horse trams as well Martin?


WE are being told often enough that the Treasury Minister is concerned about the increasing physical health and longevity of old people in the Isle of Man and a serious long-term effect on the Manx economy.

Wrongevity is it Eddie?

FUNNIES File: Manx Radio once reported: ‘A process worker at the Sellafield nuclear plant in Cumbria has been exposed to more than twice the permitted annual level of inflation.’

A blown up story do you think?

SIGNS: One over a gynaecologist’s office said: ‘Dr. Jones at your cervix.’

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