Judge Dave says group’s quality is very high

Judge Dave Kneale and Jenny Shanley

Judge Dave Kneale and Jenny Shanley

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On the cold, wet and windy night of Wednesday. February 5, the Isle of Man Photographic Society held a digital image competition at Thie Ellyn, off Withington Road, Douglas.

The 2013 - 2014 club season is now well into its second half and as such the various competitions held throughout the season are either finished or coming to a climax.

Isle of Man Photographic Society logo

Isle of Man Photographic Society logo

The assignment competitions have already been decided and leading contenders in the open standard, intermediate and advanced competitions are fighting to take the lead.

This was the penultimate open round and with a potential of 11 points available to anyone means current leaders needed to watch their back as points are fairly close in most sections.

After opening the evening, our president, Tony Curtis introduced the competition and our judge for the evening, Dave Kneale, a sports photographer and journalist.

Before giving his deliberations on each image he warned the intermediate and advanced groups that the standard group’s quality was very high and they had better watch out!

Dave gave his verdict on each image, explaining that after considering the basic qualities of a photograph he wanted to understand the story it portrayed.

He had taken great care and had produced in-depth notes for each one.

Results as follows:-


1st Baby Emily by Nessie Gillen

2nd City Street to Cathedral by Mark Falconer

3rd Wheely OK by Karen Norton

4th Kingfisher by Patricia Larkham

5th Portrait of a Pigeon by Catherine Gillam

6th Run For It by Norma Cowell


1st Winter Shadows by Jenny Shanley

2nd Out of the Blue by Martyn Parnell

3rd It Rained All Summer by Phyllis Christian

4th Winter Treat for Birds Served by Jiri Podobsky

5th Horses Going to Work by Jiri Podobsky

6th Douglas Bay by Night by Sam Bucknall


1st Getting Air by Robert Blyth-Skyrme

2nd Firefighting by Sue Jones

3rd Working Gun Dog by Diane McCudden

4th Sidecar 36 by Diane McCudden

5th Wheatear by Bill Callow

6th Stag at Bay by Chris Blyth

Next Wednesday will be the final open print competition of the season, with entries due for the last digital competition.


Pictured: Judge Dave Kneale with one of the open digital competition winners Jenny Shanley

Bob Servante

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