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Terry Cringle

Terry Cringle

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I return today, not without a comfortable sense of righteous self-satisfaction, to the matter of the Manx Perspective, which I explained three weeks ago for the benefit of those people among us who are not so fortunate as to be Manx.

The essence is that the Manx Perspective focuses benignly on the fact that the Isle of Man is the centre of the known universe – except in the view of people who live in Port St Mary and believe it is there – and my dissertation was partly based on the number of well-known people alive or dead who must be Manx because they have Manx surnames, like Anthony Quayle and Simon Callow and Simon Cowell and Professor Willard Van Orman Quine, one of America’s most highly regarded philosophers of the 20th century.

In the case of Professor Quine, I pointed out that his family very likely came from Douglas and lived at Quine’s Corner before moving to the States.

Unhappily, this assessment of Professor Quine provoked unseemly scorn on the part of critics of my thesis who are of non-Manx birth and lurk everywhere in the Isle of Man of today, so let me now invite them to read the following email which I have had from Dr Douglas B.Quine Ph.D, of Bethel, Connecticut, son of Professor Quine:

‘We are indeed of Manx descent (Quine being uniquely Manx). My great-grandfather emigrated from the Isle of Man to the Manx enclave in Akron, Ohio, around 1859. My father and I have visited Quine’s Corner in Douglas (which I am named after).

‘Our Quine ancestors lived in the Abbeylands area (I’ve visited the family homestead) and we have ancestors buried in the Onchan graveyard that I’ve seen.

‘I even collect Manx stamps, including the family history stamp which mentions Quine, and I named my company Triskelion Ltd.’

This is Doug’s unsolicited testimony and it confirms that the Manx Perspective cannot be challenged.

As a result I have no doubt that when Anthony Quayle and Simon Callow and Simon Cowell read this – they are certain to be Examiner readers like Doug – they will also convey their support.

In the meantime, I expect further generous backing from other proud Manxmen, like Mark Kermode and Russell Crowe.

Sadly I cannot rely on those who are now gone from us like Cain (Abel is clearly not Manx), Ned Kelly and Captain Oates.

But the real clincher will come next month when Kris Kringle will be on his way to his native Isle of Man and in the circumstances I must take this opportunity to wish my world-wide readership a Merry Manxmass.

After all, it is a Christian festival.


A Castletown reader –I couldn’t make out his name on my answer machine – refers us to a jobs vacant advertisement in the isle of Man Courier from the Hawthorn Bar and Bistro as follows:‘Following an extension and upgrade to our restaurant we are not recruiting full-time and casual service staff.’

Oh all right, be like that then.


I have had another Manx crossword clue sent in by Richard Hetherington which was in the Telegraph Toughie: Man’s one that may be regularly insulted (4). ISLE.


This week’s names of Manx celebrities are:

Jill St John.

Pam Ayres.

Bing Crosby.

Captain Scarlett.


For Lexophiles: A boiled egg is hard to beat.

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