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Terry Cringle

Terry Cringle

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Dementia is a funny thing. No, not in that way for its victims and their families and friends; it’s no laughing matter for them.

But Lady Dementia, Greek Goddess of Forgetfulness, can make me smile when she turns her attention my way.

This is because I have just had what I can only describe as Double Dip Dementia.

Last week I was sitting in my office space in Broadcasting House, idly admiring the way my back teeth fit so snugly together, when I remembered something I had to do out in reception.

When I got there after a short walk down the corridor I had forgotten why.

Now this sort of thing happens to a lot of us and we know the answer. You retrace your steps and when you get back to where you started from you remember what you intended to do.

In my case it was to go into the men’s toilet in reception because I had left my mug there after rinsing it out following my midday intake of lemon tea and being distracted by pee pressure.

Now this in itself is something else which happens on a regular basis and what had now happened had been an interlude of me forgetting to put right something I had forgotten to do in the first place.

It made a lot of other people in the building laugh when I told them about it.

I should add that male colleagues of mine are used to seeing my mug apparently abandoned in the toilet and they don’t bother to tell me about it. They know realisation will dawn eventually.

Also, they always know it’s my mug because written on it are the words ‘Gorgeous Grandad’ it having been a Christmas gift from my daughter. (There is only one other Grandad working in Broadcasting House. But nobody ever thinks it’s his mug, of course).

Well, that’s all I have to say. There was something else I had in mind but I’ve forgotten it.


Examiner sports editor John Watterson tells me he had an email from Kath Docherty giving the results achieved by the Isle of Man’s ‘marital arts team’ in the European championships in Majorca. Giving them under the blanket coverage, John?


I have had an email from another lady, Sara Goodwins, telling me she read a crime novel set in the 1920’s which said that ‘all the male members of the young set stood up’.

I’m proud of you boys.


This week’s Manx celebrities are Annacur Rice, Charles Loaghtan, Brown Bobby Darin, Falcon Cliff Richard, Dhoon Glen Campbell and Suzy Qualtrough.


Ian K. Bleasdale, of Glebe Cottage, Maughold, has been on about encroaching Manxness and recalls working with the late Marge Joughin, heroine of the old Manx Radio phone-in programme the Mannin Line. She was going on about Comeovers and he told her: ‘But I’m one.’ She replied: ‘Oh but you think Manx.’

It’s the thought that counts.


This week’s Manx crossword clue has come in from regular visitor Frank Bond of Doncaster and it was in the Yorkshire Post: I will? (4) – ISLE.


Church notice: ‘Scouts are saving aluminium cans, bottles and other items to be re-cycled. Proceeds will be used to cripple children.’

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