Mystery man spends a penny at Manx Radio

Terry Cringle

Terry Cringle

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WHEN I launched into today’s columnar adventure there had been a 1p coin sitting on a shelf in the men’s toilet close by reception at Manx Radio for two weeks and showing no sign of disappearing.

I know this because this toilet is near the holding pen in Broadcasting House where I am one of those who have their work places. We all use it.

But why is this 1p there? Where did it come from?

The most likely reason is that someone had found the coin lying on the floor and put it in the toilet for the person who had dropped it by accident to retrieve. Or is it?

Who would miss a paltry 1p after losing it?

It would also be possible for anybody like me who had noticed the coin lying there to trouser it and go on his way enriched if only marginally. But who would go to the bother for just 1p?

It might well also be some kind of psychological and sociological test set up by the management of Manx Radio for the denizens of Broadcasting House. To what purpose however? They have more important things to do.

But, when you come to consider it all, who cares anyway? What it shows is that this men’s toilet is a good place to go for a pee.

THIS photograph was taken by Mrs Fiona Kirkham, who happens to be a friend of mine, when she was away on a cruise with family and friends and called in at Marseilles.

You must admit that the restaurant Isis looks like a pretty good place for a blow out.

THERE is still a dire shortage of crossword clues.

In the circumstances I have had to fall back on the general knowledge crossword in the Daily Telegraph where one of the questions asked for the name of the capital of the Isle of Man.

Let me think now.

THE Manx Independent carried the following headline last week: ‘Rider hit by car suffered leg break.’

That must have bowled him over.

Colin Lurcook, who lives in Latimer Road, Oxford, emails to tell me: ‘I was searching for something unconnected with your name when one of those mysterious computer algorithms directed me to the Amazon site where it said startlingly: “Low prices on Terry Cringle.”

‘Thinking there may be some cheap Chinese replicas of yourself, like some sort of Terry Cringle doll, I pressed the mouse and discovered it was only about some books that you had written about the Isle of Man.

‘I was relieved to know I wouldn’t be watching “Fake Britain” on TV and discovering that there were some fake Terry Cringle dolls circulating the toy shops of the UK.’

No Colin. I am what might be called, and I hope not, a living doll.

ONE more Malapropism, this time one which came from, some years ago, a dear friend of mine, Mrs Nettie Ellis.

She was at King William’s College to see a display in the swimming pool by some of the boys and she exclaimed: ‘They are like young Madonnas.’

She meant young Adonises.

TUCK in Castletown has been on to say that in my Times Past feature in the Examiner I referred to ‘the Team Packet Company.’ He says: ‘Very surprised to catch you out Mr Cringle.’

Are you all at it?

FUNNIES File: The Irish Times once published a correction as follows: ‘Today’s What’s On Today was inadvertently published yesterday.’

SIGN. In the front yard of a funeral home: ‘Drive carefully. We’ll wait.’

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