Ploughing to public speaking in 24 hours

FROM ploughing to public speaking within 24 hours shows the variety of Young Farmers' Clubs' programmes.

That's what happened in the Northern Club recently when the annual ploughing contest was held at Bretney Farm, Jurby on a Saturday followed by a public speaking competition in Andreas Parish Hall the following day.

Club secretary Chris Kneale supplied these results. Ploughing Judges Alfred Collister, John Callow, Will McMillin and Sean Hughes. Horses 1, Raymond Gawne 235 points; 2, Sylvia Morrey 203; 3, Eric Delaney 202.

Tractors Reversible ploughs 1, Richard Blencoe 212; 2, Jim Duncan 211; 3, William Duggan 210. Manx style 1, Ross Cormode 229; 2, David Corlett 220. Vintage, hydraulic plough 1, Alan Radcliffe 203; 2, Michael Craine 196; 3, Tie Andy McKeown and Stephen Lace 180. Vintage, trailed plough 1, John Costain 195; 2, Will Qualtrough 192; 3, Ken Coole 165. World Style 1, Jack Clague 196; 2, Stephen Ennett 184; 3, David Norrey 183.

Best butt on field and best Northern YFC, Ross Cormode. Best 21 and under A. J. Duncan. Best woman Michelle Griffiths.

Prizes were presented in the evening in the Tynwald Inn, St John's.

Public speaking Judge Murray Cringle. Junior prepared 1, Laura Robinson, speaking on Hunter trials; 2, Laura Harrison The Oscars; 3, Danielle Corkill Pay as you glow. Senior prepared 1, Nicola Curphey The health of farmers; 2, Kelli Keenan Personal fitness; 3, Chris Kneale Extracts from a New Zealand diary. Junior impromptu 1, L. Robinson My perfect day; 2, L. Harrison My ideal pet; 3, Glen Faragher My dog.

Senior impromptu 1, Alan Radcliffe Bio-fuels; 2, Chris Kneale Manx produce; 3, Claire Fletcher Face books.

One member, Alan Radcliffe from Ballayockey, Andreas showed his versatility by taking firsts at both skills after changing from ploughing gear into platform dress.

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