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52: How time flies

Just re-read the last Blog prior to penning this, time has certainly flown. The prospective guests from the Food Show at the Villa made it out for a wonderful week, despite some tumbles on the slopes. Gino’s book remains unopened, but his tip with the rosti – wring the grated spuds out in a teacloth – has made a great difference to the Hungarian Pork. Top chef Herve jetted in for the girls’ week (quite by chance, he tells me) and wowed us with his take on gratinee savoyarde. He’s due back in June for the cookery course – still some places left!

Ffinlo has proved a massive hit despite his slightly contentious nibbling issue; prefers Oakleys to cheaper brands of sunglasses and showed a fine judgement in eating the accountant’s bill. He has his own FaceBook page with probably a better following than the ManxSki page.

The season opened with massive snowfalls and a rush of guests for Christmas and New Year. The usual bedding-down process was not helped when EDF pulled the plug for the second time leaving us without power as our first honeymooners headed up the hill. Some frantic phoning saw them temporarily booked into a neighboring chalet (thanks Aubin & Jackie) while Cristen & Alex cooked for us by candlelight. Thankfully normality was restored the following morning and the honeymoon was a great success, not even marred by the groom losing his wedding ring in les Molliets Restaurant for which he picked up his justly earned Faffta.

Fafftas have been a feature of chalet life for a few seasons now; originally awarded for faffing in the boot-room while the minibus waits, a faffta can now be picked up for meritorious as well as disgraceful behavior. My favourite so far this year has gone to Robert for boiling up hot Ribena in the bedroom kettle. You’ll know it when you stay by the retro mauve kettle in your room.

Gez was set a hard task to emulate Lindy from last season but has brought her own style to the ManxSki Chalet, particularly her kitchen juggling which has enabled us to replace a lot of rather tired crockery and glasswear. She also brought out her Mum for a riotous week which coincided with regular-returnee Richard’s retirement celebration complete with a talent competition, won hands-down by team Burnish whose tribute to chalet life now has cult-status on YouTube. Apparently 4 more verses were added in the plane home and they’re now all banned from EasyJet flights.

We get to ski too...

We get to ski too...

So how’s the season been so far? No gaps till now, and the bed-nights holding up well despite a snow-drought in January that saw us out in our shorts and T-shirts. A late Easter is a worry and we still have plenty of April slots to fill if we’re to keep the Bank Manager happy, but the word (however unreliable) is that we’re out-performing certain other establishments, so we can’t be getting it all wrong.

Exciting developments are planned for summer and beyond, so keep watching this space – the ManxSki Blog is very much alive and kicking!

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