Zakynthos Trek progress blog #1

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Our adventure begins with a puncture-filled first week!

Our first day was successful, covering over eighty miles from London to Dover even though we added an extra five miles outside Canterbury cycling around Gravesend.

Then we got our first puncture. It was actually gratefully received since taking a positive outlook on the matter we thought it was good to get the first one over and done with. Little did we know that there would be a further seven between us to come in our first five days.

Having misjudged ferry times we caught the 11:50. To add to the unfortunate circumstances I managed to pick out the one rusty nail in the queue to the ferry getting the second puncture of the trip!

The confusing layout in Calais got the better of us, setting us back more than we had hoped.

First night camping involved some cows being more interested in our tent than we had hoped. However we knew we needed to make up the lost distance from the Calais confusion if we were to make it to Luxembourg in good time. This involved covering over three hundred and fifty kilometers of cross country roads passing through Arras, Cambrais and Arlon.

We arrived in Luxembourg at 3:00 in the afternoon on Sunday.


There’ll be further updates from Kit on iomtoday as he continues his journey across Europe.


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