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SO that’s nearly it for another year.

Today (Friday) we’re doing the bulk of the work for next week’s Examiner, our first paper for 2012, although many of our hard-working staff will be in the office over the weekend and New Year doing various stories.

The bank holiday means that the paper will not be printed till Tuesday and will be in the shops on Tuesday afternoon.

We’re looking forward to everything getting back to normal.

In terms of coverage over the next few days, we will, of course, be covering the New Year’s Day dips.

Our digital production man, Gary Myers, will be in Laxey with a video camera capturing events there. I’ve just asked him which one he was covering. It’s the one I’m meant to be doing if Lemsip can work its magic and end a Niagara Falls of Snot from pouring from me.

Anyway, our photographers will be at the others and we’re planning a spread in the Examiner and maybe some other shots in the other papers next week too.

In other news, we’ve been experimenting more with Twitter. We tweeted today’s Manx Independent front page to the ‘tax justice’ campaigner, Richard Murphy, for example, and got a reply.

We were updating all the time when Cav was up for - and won - the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year award.

We’ve even shared some interesting non-news Manx footage from YouTube.

Join us @iomnewspapers to join in.

In the meantime, thanks for reading this blog and the site in 2011.

Blein vie noa.

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