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Editor’s blog: On Sunday I went to the Strand Centre with a number of colleagues to meet the public.

I was astonished to learn that about 4,000 go to the Strand Centre every Sunday. That’s a lot.

Anyway, as I mentioned in the last blog, we were there to talk to readers and a few came especially to tell me about various issues.

The other reason we went along was to do some market research on whether we should change the shape of the Examiner from its present broadsheet (big) size to a tabloid (or small) size.

Changing wouldn’t save us any money. We’d be using the same amount of paper. So it would mean the pages would be half as big - but there would be twice as many.

It was very interesting to hear our readers’ views.

If you were one of them, thanks for stopping by and chatting.

The lead story in the Examiner this week is about a young teacher originally from Port St Mary. She fled Libya last week but she wasn’t happy with the advice given by the British authorities.

We also have a story on the front page about the intervention of the Attorney General during the sentencing of Jenny Holt, the advocate once employed by Trevor and Wendy Baines.

He consulted with the prosecution and said that in relation to any convictions of money laundering, he was mindful of the ‘importance of the reputation of the island in the eyes of the International Monetary Fund’.

It struck reporter Adrian Darbyshire as a rather odd thing to bring up. Chris Robertshaw, MHK for East Douglas, seems to take the same view.

Anyway, the report on the Baineses’ conviction and Jenny Holt’s are reported in full inside.

The Examiner this week has the second of our monthly business reviews, Business Word. It’s a 28-page tabloid and it’s designed to give some longish reads. Thanks to everyone who helped out for taking part.

I’m doing some work on issue three this afternoon.

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