Police warn that telephone scammers are still operating in the island

News from the police

News from the police

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Police are warning people to be wary after receiving scam telephone calls as even calling your bank on the same phone line may not be safe.

One of our readers tells the Examiner in a letter in today’s paper how she was almost scammed when a caller told her to report a fraud using the number on the back of her debit card.

When she tried to call her bank using the appropriate number, the scammer had manipulated the line and answered the call himself.

This was despite our reader hanging up the phone and getting a new dialing tone before trying to call her bank.

Fortunately the bank intercepted a transfer of funds before any money was lost but have advised that it is best to use a different phone line to make any call to your bank after receiving a suspected scam call. One person in the UK lost £80,000 after becoming a victim of the scam.

Sergeant Paul Kemp, of Custody and Control at Douglas police headquarters said: ‘We are still getting information that the telephone bank scammers are continuing to operate in the island.

‘Please do not divulge any private details over the telephone and be careful when hanging up as the scammers are keeping the lines open to try to catch people out when they call their banks to confirm.

‘It is best to visit your bank in person to check on any calls that you have received.’

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