Anger after plans get the go-ahead

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DESPITE a raft of objections from many residents and the local authority, who are all concerned about the geology of the rock face, the risk of flooding and building on a green stretch, a plan to build two dwellings in front of the Bay View Hotel on the Underway in Port St Mary has been passed.

The plan (10/01892/) by Len Chatel) was submitted after a previous plan (09/1295/B) was passed – a decision that ‘stunned’ the commissioners they said at the time. At appeal the independent inspector recommended details about car parking be covered in a condition of approval.

Eddie Teare MHK, deputising for Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne MHK on planning decisions, said it should be included in a new application and submitted as one, leading to the latest, now approved plan.

Approval of this application comes with the condition that before any work is done ‘the parking area shown on the approved plans must be constructed to at least base course level and the beach side slab finished in stone.’

Rebecca Sinfield said at last week’s commissioners meeting ‘I’m in melt down. We have never had that condition before have we?’

Alan Grace queried whether the land for the parking was ‘theirs to build in?’ If not, he asked: ‘How can they have that condition?’

Clerk Jason Roberts said he contacted the Land Registry, but was still waiting for a response.

Chairman Christopher Kinley said: ‘Mr Chatel or somebody must have certified the title.’

‘Have we exhausted all our grounds for appeal?’ asked Alec Merchant. ‘Have all the issues been answered?’

Several residents are appealing against the decision, said Mr Roberts.

‘We should certainly support them as a board,’ said Robbie Cooil. ‘We are very appalled by it.’ Mr Grace seconded Mr Cooil’s proposal.

Mr Roberts reiterated another observation made previously by commissioners: as the development must be built 300mm over the level recommended above sea level (known as the Douglas 02 level), shouldn’t the same rules be applied to the car parking area? If so, Mr Roberts said: ‘There would be a one metre step into the parking area.’

The local authority has also in the past quoted from the draft Southern Area Plan that is against the ‘removal of open or green spaces which contribute to the visual amenity’

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