Attenuation pond is an ‘absolute disgrace’

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An attenuation pond in Erin Way, Port Erin, is ‘an absolute disgrace’ said village commissioner Barbara Guy, June 18, and she suggested they ask the Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority to tidy it up.

The pond was created when the surrounding estate was built by Heritage Homes in 2003 to hold storm water and prevent flooding in the area.

When first created, the then Department of Transport’s drainage division accepted responsibility for the pond’s upkeep as being part of the storm water drainage system, and as drainage agent, the local authority maintained the area for which it claimed expenses off the department.

In April 2012, all local authorities stopped being drainage agents and responsibility passed to the Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority. The authority asked Port Erin Commissioners if they could continue cutting the grass, for which costs would be covered, but the commissioners refused because it had not been maintained and needed considerable work doing.

Last September, the authority contacted the water and sewerage authority and asked them to clean it up as it was very overgrown and unkempt.

Last week, Mrs Guy said: ‘We should ask them to make it more presentable, it’s knee high, it’s an absolute disgrace. Grasses are growing through, there are bushes, it needs attention.’

Commissioner Phil Crellin added: ‘It’s vitally important to look after it, it’s major flood protection for the lower village.’

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