Board’s objection to plan for 144 houses

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Peel Commissioners have submitted a 14 page report in objection to developer Heritage Homes plans to build 144 new houses in Peel.

The developer has put in the planning application to build the houses between Poortown Road and Queen Elizabeth II High School, east of Reayrt Ny Cronk estate.

In a statement the board said: ‘The commissioners have commented on six different aspects of the application – sustainable development, road infrastructure, parking requirements, public open space including play areas, private sewerage works and transport assessment.

‘In essence the commissioners are deeply concerned over the issue of sustainable development and the ability of the town’s infrastructure to cope with this further major expansion to Peel.

‘The town has grown and expanded significantly over the past 10 to 12 years and the commissioners hope that their recommendation to the planning committee is refused.’

Last month we reported how commissioner Ian Davison had described the Heritage Homes plans as ‘the rape and pillage of Peel’, saying that the company put nothing back in to the town.

Heritage Homes responded to the accusations listing donations they had made to the town.

The developer is currently building 139 houses immediately to the west of Reayrt Ny Cronk.

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