Boat park charges are set to go up

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THE charges to keep vessels in the Port Erin boat park, on St Catherine’s Terrace, are set to rise to match those charged in Port St Mary.

The commissioners made the decision last week after deputy clerk Mark Cowin gave details of resurfacing work of the boat park to be carried out next month.

Boat owners must remove their boats from Thursday (September 1) and resurfacing work will begin on September 5. An estimated 13 spaces will be marked and each will have a lockable post with keys for boat owners. Fifteenposts (two more than spaces, as back ups) will cost £750 plus VAT and further costs in concreting the posts in place.

At present, boat owners pay nothing, but it was decided earlier this year that once work the area was resurfaced they should be charged £50 per year for a space.

But in Port St Mary rate payers are charged £81 and non-rate payers £108 for a space on a boat park that is not surface dressed and has no lockable posts or chains, also boats must be parked on trailers.

Lorna MacKellar proposed they increase the fee and was seconded by Nick Watterson.

Gerry Callister said the charge should rise to £60, but Jean Pierre Depin said £70. Dougie Corkish said £100 was ‘not unrealistic’ and Ms MacKellar proposed they charge that and review it in two years’ time.

Phil Crellin proposed an amendment. ‘We charge the same as Port St Mary because we are not in competition. We do not want boats to disappear to Port St Mary, where the facilities are far better. I move we continue charging £81 and £108 and the charges rise with inflation.’

Only Ms Mackellar opposed the amendment, arguing they were not comparing like with like as Port St Mary does not have lockable posts and is unsurfaced.

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