‘Business as usual’ after gales tip removal van

Overturned van in Ramsey, taken by Bill Dale

Overturned van in Ramsey, taken by Bill Dale

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It was quite a dramatic picture (the above one taken by Bill Dale) that did the social network rounds over the stormy weekend, as a van from the Poyll Dooey Road-based Roy’s Removals was blown onto its side while parked on Mooragh Promenade.

It was the police who let Roy Bracher know what had happened, and he is happy to report there were no injuries and not much in the way of cargo on board.

‘Mann Recovery Services came down and pulled it up, and off it went on the back of the truck,’ said Mr Bracher. ‘The van was empty luckily, no one was inside and no one was hurt, thankfully.

‘It’s subject to the insurers now, but it looks like a write-off. All the body is broken, and you can’t open one of the doors of the cab.’

He said the temporary loss of one of his fleet shouldn’t hinder the company too much.

‘I have two other vans, so it’s business as usual,’ he explained. ‘If I get stuck I can just hire another van.’

Elsewhere on Friday there was work to do at Ballure with fallen trees blocking the Manx Electric Railway tracks, while high winds in the north earlier in December meant damage to trees within Coronation Park, where a fallen tree damaged a boundary fence and decking to an adjacent property. Sections of road and footpath on Queens Pier Road were also closed for two hours on the same day as scaffolding was made safe.

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