Costs of town hall clock repair queried

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The cost of repairing one of Port St Mary town hall’s three clocks will be investigated.

The decision follows an invoice from a crane hire company which charged £1,400.

Commissioner Andy Phair said: ‘I knew the clock was not working, I did not realise it was to be repaired. I was a bit surprised at the cost of removing it, it is a lot – nearly £1,500 – to remove it.’

Michelle Haywood asked: ‘How long was it hired for?’

Clerk Alastair Hamilton said it was for the morning.

She said it cost her £500 to hire a crane for a morning for lifting her boat, and added: ‘How does it cost £1,400, for half a day’s hire?’

Mr Phair asked: ‘Do we know how much the overall cost of repair will be? I was not aware the repair had been agreed.’

Mr Hamilton said his instruction was: ‘It’s broken, fix it.’

Mr Phair replied: ‘I do not feel it should be “if it’s broken, fix it” regardless of cost. Maybe we should be thinking: “Is it good to do that repair?”’

Alan Grace suggested: ‘We should go back to the manufacturer. Is it under guarantee?’

Ms Haywood said she was stunned at the cost of crane hire.

Mr Hamilton said he will check with the company.

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