‘Don’t punish the minority’ plea for reservoirs

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BANNING people from reservoirs because of dog fouling discriminates against the majority for the misdeeds of the minority.

This was the view of Castletown Commissioners after the Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority wrote asking for views on the recreational use of reservoirs.

Peter Winstanley, chief executive officer wrote: ‘The authority is committed to promoting reasonable access to the reservoirs for recreational purposes; this must be weighed against the need for public safety and the protection of these valuable assets.’

The authority has warned that dog fouling on land near reservoirs and allowing animals to swim in the water must stop, otherwise reservoirs will be closed to members of the public.

‘It’s the tail wagging the dog,’ said commissioner Colin Leather. ‘Again a few people spoil it for everyone else. Let’s penalise everybody for the few. It would be a shame if we did not have access, it’s very pleasant walking round there.

‘Maybe they should have somebody walking around, let people know there is somebody watching them, closing them [reservoirs] to the public will be the last straw … it’s up to them to provide policing … at the end of the day it’s a national amenity and we pay for it, they penalise the many for the few.’

Commissioner Paul Kennaugh added: ‘Dog fouling is happening everywhere … it’s education, you can not educate some people.’

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