Douglas East: Bettison and Robertshaw win in a close vote

Clare Bettison wins Douglas East as Chris Robertshaw, who came second, applauds

Clare Bettison wins Douglas East as Chris Robertshaw, who came second, applauds

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Nurse Clare Bettison topped the poll in Douglas East.

In a very close vote, which led to recounts, former government minister Chris Robertshaw beat fellow defending MHK Jon Joughin by just seven votes.

Clare Bettison is congratulated by a supporter

Clare Bettison is congratulated by a supporter

Ms Bettison said after her win: ‘It’s exciting and terrifying There’s loads of work to do. I’m under no illusion.

‘I’m really keen to see all the other candidates and look at how we can move forward for the best interests of the Isle of Man.

‘The first priority has to be for us to look at who we’re working with because I think there’s going to be a lot of changes. There’s a lot of dynamics in there. We need to make sure everyone’s working towards the same ultimate goal which is, as what’s been reiterated time and again. We want to grow the economy. We want to bring back that vibrancy the Isle of Man had and get people re-engaged in politics.

‘This election has certainly proved people want to see your faces, see you on the doorstep and they’re not going to settle for second best.’

Mr Joughin who came third said afterwards: ‘I can’t say i’m not disappointed because I am. It was such a big group of really really credible candidates. They were very very good candidates and it was such a clean campaign.

‘It was very well behaved. I’ve been in campaigns in the past where there’s been a bit of ducking and diving. Clare worked very hard and she thoroughly deserved it. I wish her the best of success I really do.’

Asked about the future Mr Joughin added: ‘I think we’re going to have a little holiday and we’ll see after that.’

The constituency usually has the lowest turn-out, partly because it has more flats and therefore a higher than average younger population who are less likely to vote. It is often the area in which newcomers to the island choose to live.

The turnout at this election was 40.15 per cent.

Clare Bettison 561

Quintin Gill 415

Richard Halsall 163

Jon Joughin 480

John McBride 303

Chris Robertshaw 487

Cat Turner 324

Amanda Walker 373

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