Glenfaba and Peel: Boot and Harmer get back in

The three candidates, picture John Watterson

The three candidates, picture John Watterson

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Sitting MHKs Ray Harmer and Geoffrey Boot have been returned by the voters in the western constituency.

A clearly relieved and delighted Ray Harmer gave his top priority for the constituency of Peel and Glenfaba as an integral sewerage system.

On the national scale he says the island’s economy has to be the main focus of attention.

‘Geoffrey Boot and I need to work together for the joint constituency. If we do that successfully we can solve the problems,’ he said.

‘It was a tough battle, I certainly left nothing out there.’

Harmer topped the poll with a count of 2,195 votes from Geoffrey Boot on 1,805 and Leslie Hanson on 1,238.

Boot says the new house has to prioritise the economic development of the island and the government’s service provision. ‘It’s a case of what it needs to do rather than what it wants to do. We need a leaner, meaner and more effective government.

‘We also need to exploit new tools that Brexit may give us to ultimately control our destiny.’

After three failed attempts to represent Peel and the west of the island, 61-year-old Leslie Hanson is doubtful if he will bid for a seat in the House of Keys for a fourth time in 2021. ‘I don’t think so,’ he said when asked if he would stand again. ‘But you never know.’

Geoffrey Boot 1,805

Leslie Hanson 1,238

Ray Harmer 2,197

Until the election, Geoffrey Boot represented Glenfaba and Ray Harmer represented Peel.

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