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A PETITION with about 300 signatures has been handed over to Peel Commissioners at the town hall.

Marlyn Bowie, of City Butchers and Delicatessens in Peel, explained the petition was against 30-minute and one-hour parking limits in the town.

The 30-minute limits were introduced last month in Market Place and Atholl Place. The commissioners have asked the Department of Infrastructure to change the Market Place limit to an hour after people raised concerns that 30 minutes was too short a time.

But now a petition has been handed over to the commissioners.

Mrs Bowie explained: ‘The petition is against 30 minutes and one hour parking because anyone who wants to have lunch or go for a hair-do hasn’t got the time.

‘We’re trying to encourage people into the town.’

She said the petition had been signed by 297 people, including traders and their customers as well as visitors to the town.

Two shopkeepers in Atholl Place are happy with the 30 minutes limit, said Mrs Bowie, but other shopkeepers on the street would like it changed back to two hours.

‘We want them [the commissioners] to have a look at another level [of parking] on Douglas Street car park seriously and want parking reverted back to two hours, and we want it to be policed,’ she said.

A section of Douglas Street car park has been cordoned off to make a layby for vehicles to park up in order to make deliveries.

But Mrs Bowie said once a delivery vehicle is parked in the designated spaces ‘you can’t get out’ of the car park. And she explained she had seen another wagon waiting to go into the layby blocking parking in Market Place.

Peel Commissioners chairman Ray Harmer explained that the recent Peel Traffic Management Plan consultation recommended that Atholl Place become 30-minute parking, and in addition, the commissioners felt that parking needed to be freed up in Market Place. But Mr Harmer admitted that communicating this intention to members of the public hadn’t been too successful, although attempts were made.

He explained: ‘A number of visitors come through [the town], go round in circles and find no parking in the main car park. Market Place is completely parked up. If we have one hour or 30 minutes on 10-12 spaces in Market Place we’ll get four times more people who could visit. That was the intention behind it. It was to help people visiting who wanted to pop into shop, rather than saying “no point” – they could park there.’

He said of the petition: ‘What we will do is take that very seriously on board and look at consultation with everybody and put that to the DoI. At the moment the board’s resolution is for Market Place to be for one hour.’

He was unaware of concerns over the 30 minutes parking limit in Atholl Place.

The commissioners and the DoI have met and agreed to look for additional parking spaces in the town. The DoI confirmed that it is looking at introducing multi-deck parking in Peel and Mr Harmer said the commissioners’ preferred site was Douglas Street. But the commissioners are waiting to learn of the DoI’s proposals.

Other matters decided at this meeting regarding traffic and parking were: the commissioners will carry out a consultation on traffic (including Market and Atholl Places and the petition will form a weighty part of that consultation); it’s aimed to progress with creating more parking and it was agreed not to pursue ‘pay and display’ parking.

Regarding Douglas Street car park layby for wagons, Mr Harmer explained that this was presently a temporary measure and was outlined in the Peel traffic consultation.

The Peel Traffic Management Plan, drawn up by the Department of Transport (now Infrastructure) for the commissioners, was consulted on in December 2009 and last year.

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