Please stop feeding sea birds in Port Erin

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SIGNS warning people not to feed sea birds might be erected in Port Erin following a request from a resident.

Carole Nutt, who runs a guest house on the promenade, wrote people feed the birds leading to them ‘swarming around in large flocks’.

She said it was dangerous to encourage birds to scavange and large numbers of birds swooping down that could cause injuries.

She asked the local authority to erect notices discouraging the practice.

‘There’s no harm notices going up,’ said commissioner Gerry Callister when the board discussed the idea.

But Phil Crellin asked: ‘What’s the point in putting notices up prohibiting it when have not got a byelaw to prosecute?

‘It’s a waste of time. We can put up a sign saying: “Please do not”, but cannot have a sign saying it is prohibited.’

The board will look into the matter.

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