Potential sites for housing in Castletown are online

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Possible sites suggested for housing in Castletown can be viewed online.

Last year, the local authority asked the Department of Infrastructure (which was then responsible for planning) to reconsider the designation of land for housing in town within the southern area plan, saying more development was needed to grow the town.

In October, the department asked for sites to be suggested and the resulting feedback – from Great Meadow to land west of Castle Rushen High School - is featured on the website. It includes a list of sites submitted, a map of all sites and an update on the next steps and the decisions that need to be made.

On Monday, commissioner Carol Quine said: ‘Everyone should look at the housing review. It’s a good read, they should feed back opinions and thoughts.’

She asked that print outs of what is online be made available at the civic centre, for those unable to access the internet.

James Barrow said they should investigate expanding the town boundaries or a ‘huge estate’ could be built near Castletown, but be in Malew, with rates benefiting the parish.

Colin Leather said boundaries cannot be altered for financial reasons.

Jerry Ludford-Brooks added: ‘It has to be for the benefit of the town, we would have to have a business plan.’

>> gov.im: The Castletown Housing Land Review

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