Regeneration talks for Ramsey

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RAMSEY Town Commissioners’ Regeneration Committee has reconvened under the chairmanship of Dr Alex Allinson, with a view to improving the environment of the town centre.

Among the topics discussed was the new chevron parking on the quayside – while this had increased the number of parking spaces in the town centre, there were issues relating to the length of the actual spaces, which are limited by the quayside chains, apparently introduced during the Second World War as a safety measure when street lighting restrictions were imposed. It was resolved to draw concerns to the attention of the Department of Infrastructure.

Commenting on the number of empty units in the Victoria Mall, members felt that owners of such properties might be encouraged to allow photographic and similar displays to be placed in the empty windows. It was agreed to invite the Mall owner to meet the committee.

The future of the Farmers’ Market and the potential for a town market to be established was discussed. The farmers’ market presently operates from the Northern Lights Community Centre in Ramsey and wishes to remain there throughout the summer, operating from the car park at the rear. While the committee commended the organisers for limiting goods to those grown or made on the island, restricting charity stalls and avoiding the ‘car boot effect’ previously experienced, it was nonetheless felt that Market Square was the preferred location, with covered stalls for traders to rent.

Pigeon roosting remains a problem in the town centre and the establishment of ‘coops’ was discussed. The proposal entailed the use of a coop to encourage nesting either within or outside the town centre so the pigeon population could be managed either by removal or sterilisation of eggs.

There was a concern that the creation of a coop might merely increase the roosting and nesting capacity in the town.

It might, therefore, also be necessary to remove alternative food sources and limit existing roosts. Pigeon coop designs and costings are to be investigated for further discussion.

The committee noted that the minutes of a separate body, the Chief Minister’s Ramsey Regeneration Committee, remain private. It was resolved to approach the Chief Minister Allan Bell MHK with a view to agreeing a protocol whereby his committee’s minutes would be released, if necessary on a private and confidential basis.

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