Rosie celebrates 25 years as licensee

LONG-SERVING: Rosie Christian. PHOTO: Mike Proudfoot MP100529 (11).

LONG-SERVING: Rosie Christian. PHOTO: Mike Proudfoot MP100529 (11).

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IN this day and age, it is somewhat unusual to stay in the same business for 25 years – but not for Rosemary Christian, who has just completed a quarter of a century as licensee of the Sulby Glen Hotel.

The hotel has actually been part of her life for 32 years. She said: ‘On hearing the sad news that Alan Brooks, husband of Barbara Brooks, the landlady at that time, had suddenly passed away, I popped into the Sulby Glen and offered to help her through this very sad time. I got on so well with her I just never left.’

On Barbara’s retirement in 1987, Rosie was asked by Isle of Man Breweries to take over the licence and she has been there ever since!

Such an important milestone could hardly pass without a celebration. Champagne corks popped and beer was pulled at nearly 1987 prices.Friends, locals and fellow members of the trade joined Rosie in marking the occasion.

Along with balloons, decorations, and flowers, 25 years of photos were on display, bringing back so many memories to lots of people, some remembering darker hair and slimmer bodies, others just remembering events that had happened yet had faded into the background. A memory book was started and people were eager to jot down a few lines, noting their memories from the past 25 years at the Glen. This will make enjoyable reading for years to come.

Anita J, one of the first singers Rosemary employed at the Glen, came to entertain everyone and was accompanied by her daughter, Emily, who now plays along with her on acoustic guitar.

A Sulby Glen Hotel party would not be complete without a scrumptious hot buffet of curries, lasagne, chicken, and home made meatballs that filled the tables, along with salads and pastas and an out-of-this-world dessert buffet and cheese table.

Rosemary is now starting her 26th year as the longest continuous serving licensee in the Isle of Man. But after seeing so many changes in the trade, some not so good, Rosemary and her husband Eddie have made the decision to put the Sulby Glen Hotel up for sale.

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