Ruby’s imaginative tasks raise funds for nursing home

Ruby Miles

Ruby Miles

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Boredom is meant to be good for us and promote creative thinking. That was certainly the case for Ruby Miles, 10, who found herself at a loose end during the school holidays.

‘She got a spreadsheet together and set herself tasks,’ said her mum, Sammy.

The tasks dreamt up by the Ballasalla School pupil included doing 20 cartwheels, two hours’ silence, a staring contest, wearing a wig outside, not watching TV for a day, not using an iPad for a day and drinking only water for a day.

Ruby raised £121 in sponsorship from neighbours living in Silverdale Estate – who were thanked for their support – and the proceeds went to Abbotswood nursing home in Ballasalla towards a first aid training manikin named ‘Rescue Annie’.

Abbotswood manager Zandra Lewis thanked Ruby, and said: ‘She’s a great little girl.’

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