Tactic seems to pay off

Eddie Power on the steps at Clagh Vane in Ballasalla

Eddie Power on the steps at Clagh Vane in Ballasalla

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Ballasalla resident Eddie Power has claimed ownership on behalf of fellow Clagh Vane residents of a 83m long path and steps in Clagh Vane estate in an attempt to force the real owner to come forward.

Mr Power said: ‘After many complaints, telephone calls, emails and discussions, I have taken the decision to claim the footpath and steps, running from in front of Ballasalla Primary School to the crossing on Douglas Road Ballasalla, on behalf of the tenants of Clagh Vane estate.

‘My reason for taking this action is that, over the last 18 months plus, in my position as tenants’ representative and Malew Commissioner, the general state of the steps and path in both appearance and cleanliness has been brought to my attention.

‘In an attempt to get things improved, other tenants and I have been in contact with the Department of Social Care, Department of Infrastructure and Department of Education, all of whom claim it is not their property and claim it is the other’s.

‘So seeing that it appears the path and steps belong to no-one, I feel the best action is for the land to belong to the Clagh Vane tenants.’

Frustrated at the lack of response from the government departments that could potentially own the area, he made the move and gave them a deadline of September 30 to claim ownership, and in so doing the owner would accept responsibility for its upkeep and cleanliness.

Within hours of him issuing the notice the move provoked response from the DSC and Malew MHK Graham Cregeen, who had just returned from holiday, promising to pursue the matter. Mr Power said: ‘I am very impressed considering he only returned from his holiday a few hours ago. I am hopeful of a speedy resolution.’

• Mr Power’s tactic seems to have worked and he said the departments of Infrastructure and Social Care are in discussion about adoption by the latter.

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