The Deads’ build granted planning permission

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JCK Ltd has been granted planning permission for remediation of The Deads site and to build a house there.

This brown field site is a former mine working area within Foxdale.

But the wildlife and archeological interest of the site has led to a number of conditions being attached to the planning approval.

Consultations into the proposals prior to the planning application being submitted were carried out and, following their explanation, Patrick and Malew commissioners came out in favour.

The Deads ‘has been neglected over the years and been subjected to unauthorised use by recreational vehicles and motorcycles, which has created a scar on the landscape.

‘The proposals include the creation of a wildlife corridor and environmental clean up of the site together with improvement works to the existing streams and drainage’, read information included along with the planning application.

JCK has been granted planning approval by the government planning committee – with conditions – for a single house and associated landscaping for a Mr and Mrs James Cubbon. JCK Ltd, of Balthane Industrial Estate, Ballasalla, intends to purchase the site, which is owned by Bornfield Ltd, Ridgeway House, Douglas.

Wide-ranging consultations took place prior to planning approval being sought. Consultants involved in the design process – BB Consulting, Chartered Civil and Structural Engineers – carried out an assessment of the site in terms of water pollution and mine spoil contamination/remediation proposals and gave suggestions on methods to cap the open mine shafts. Barry Chinn Associates did a visual assessment of the proposed development. And issues of contamination of the site and environmental concerns were considered.

A number of conditions of the planning approval are included, such as that once work starts – all works including site clearance – must be done within two years; site clearance can only be undertaken between May and September in order to mitigate the impact on lizards at the site. A watching brief for lizards must be carried out during the site clearance and construction works and any lizards sighted must be relocated by an ecologist. All walls are to be created as a habitat for lizards – unmortared so that lizards have access to the core of the wall.

During works to mine shafts, JCK must ensure there is no adverse impact on bats that may be roosting.

The ecological management plan must include a means of measuring the success of the translocation of the site’s orchids and must be approved by the planning authority before occupation of the house and before the translocation is done.

During the site clearance and particularly areas where there are features of archaeological interest, JCK must undertake an archeological watching brief with any findings recorded and reported to Manx National Heritage.

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