Timescale for wall repairs

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A TIMESCALE on work to a retaining wall behind Bay View cottage in Port Erin has been requested by the local authority.

The wall has failed, threatening the stability of the ground behind, leading to closure of the footpath.

Commissioner Phil Crellin said at the village’s latest board meeting: ‘I’m mindful to perhaps suggest we re-open the path until building works start.

‘I’m worried because of a long drawn out process of design and everything else the footpath will have to be closed for months and months.’

Commissioners’ clerk Mike Kewley said the local authority asked this at the last meeting and the response from engineers BB Consulting is that it remain closed until work is complete.

Mr Crellin proposed the commissioners request: ‘A solid time scale...about when it will reopen.

If we do not push it, it will just sit there and drag on and on and it’s not fair to people.’

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