Town plans for Peel in 2012

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PEEL Town Commissioners are hoping to make improvements to play areas.

The plan, which is subject to final budget approval, is one of the measures that the board hope to undertake in 2012 and was outlined by Peel Town Commissioners’ chairman Neil Cushing in a New Year message to the residents of Peel.

Mr Cushing who would also like to wish the residents a happy New Year, said: ‘Peel has a wonderful sense of community and a low level of crime with respect for the police. Assuming that our [the commissioners’] budget for 2012/13 is approved, following discussions with the police we are upgrading our CCTV coverage within the town and, although we hope that the “bobby on the beat” will always be the priority of the police as they play an important role in our community. We also wish to encourage children to play outdoors and, again subject to final budget approval, we intend to make improvements to the play areas.

‘The commissioners have supported the responsible dog-owners to reduce the amount of fouling on our streets through initiatives such as free dog-bags and an abundance of dog-bins. We aim to continue with this scheme over the coming year, but ask if people consider others and only take the bags that they immediately need – sadly we’ve had cases where a fresh stock of bags have been removed within an hour.’

Mr Cushing continued: ‘The long term future for the old swimming pool site on the promenade is still to be decided. This is one of the few areas within the town designated for leisure use under the current development plan. In the short term, work has started on improving this area with a view that this will become a grassed area for recreational use, plus the remaining fitness equipment will be installed.

‘In April, the local authority elections will be held. There are nine members of Peel Town Commissioners and I really hope that we have a significant number of people who are prepared to stand as candidates so that we have a real election rather than just a coronation of those who put their names forward.

‘Meetings are currently held on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 7pm – why not come along and see what happens?’

The local authority elections will be held on Thursday, April 26.

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