Traders ‘upset’ at A-board rules

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TRADERS in Port Erin are ‘extremely upset’ at the commissioners’ decision to enforce legislation meaning businesses must apply for a licence and planning permission to put anything outside their premises.

They have called for an open meeting with the local authority to discuss the move.

The local authority asked the Department of Infrastructure to review the ‘unduly onerous and costly’ legislation, but as that review is unlikely this year, the commissioners have decided to enforce the rules.

Their primary concern is about the safety of particularly sight or physically impaired pedestrians and obstructions for those with pushchairs or wheelchairs.

Traders reacted angrily when they first learned about the legislation, prompting the commissioners’ request for a review.

Last week traders’ representative Steve George emailed commissioners’ clerk Mike Kewley: ‘We as the traders are extremely upset that despite our previous communications on the subject of A boards and flower pots the commissioners have decided to go ahead and enforce this legislation without further discussion, even though as mentioned in the paper, quote: “The director of planning and building control said the department will review the legislation but probably not this year”.

‘We would like to know exactly what the reasoning is behind the decision of the commissioners to enforce this totally against the wishes of the Port Erin Traders as we have always been led to believe that the commissioners are elected by the people to represent the people and not to act independently.

‘Perhaps an open meeting should be convened to discuss this and also other issues which were raised at the last traders’ meeting.’

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